Taufiq Effendi

Taufiq Effendi

  • Date of birth

    June 5, 1982

  • Place of birth

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Gender


  • Current location

    Jakarta, (studying in Sydney from January 2013-2015)

  • Occupation

    teacher and public motivator

  • Company or Organization

    GEBRAKAN Indonesia

  • Hobbies and interests

    Reading, swimming, and listening to music

  • Favorite TV shows

    News programs

  • Favorite movies

    Kingdom of Heaven

  • Favorite music

    Dewa, "Hadapi dengan senyuman"

  • Favorite Books

    any educational and history books

  • Favorite Websites


  • Personal blog, website, or Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn page


  • How do you apply your Teruko Ikeda training in your life and work?

    As an EFL/ESL teacher/lecturer, the knowledge and skills have been very helpful in delivering innovative, interactive and more
    meaningful as well as more contextual teaching. As a social being, they have been very useful to help me deliver motivations to thousands
    of students and public society.

  • Most memorable experience during the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training

    learning the "language programming". It was very exciting.

  • Thoughts you’d like to share with everyone

    Let's dream high and fly!
    Everyone of us has the innate treasure to become anything we want.
    Everyone of us is innately a leader, an agent of change, a person who has the ability to help other people.