Songkran Soisaklang

  • Date of birth

    August 10, 1974

  • Place of birth

    Chiangmai, Thailand

  • Gender


  • Current location

    Bangkok, Thailand

  • Occupation

    Personal manageing staff

  • Company or Organization

    ITC 1993 LTD.

  • Hobbies and interests

    Listening to music and reading a book, and spending time with a computer etc

  • Favorite TV shows

    News and analyses

  • Favorite movies

    Air Force 1

  • Favorite music

    all kinds of music

  • Favorite Books

    Harry Potter

  • Favorite Websites

  • Personal blog, website, or Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn page

    Songkran's Facebook profile

  • How do you apply your Teruko Ikeda training in your life and work?

    For my case I used to be the assistant instructer of the training before.

  • Most memorable experience during the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training

    Shareing life among friends and coleagues, there it was very wonderful for me.