Sovaia Sisi Coalala

Sovaia Sisi Coalala

  • Date of birth

    April 8, 1981

  • Place of birth


  • Gender


  • Current location

    Fiji School for the blind, Suva, Fiji

  • Occupation

    School teacher (itinerant Teacher)

  • Company or Organization

    Fiji School for the blind

  • Hobbies and interests

    Cooking, baking, reading, travelling and meeting people

  • Favorite TV shows

    Vampire Diaries, CSI Vegas, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The River

  • Favorite music

    Country music, Lucky Dube, UB40, Oyaba Westlife NSYNC, Backstreet Boys

  • Favorite Books

    Books by Catherine Cookson, Victoria Holt, brenda Novak, Mary Joe Puckny, Mathew Reilly, Nora Roberts, Dan Simmons 

  • Favorite Websites

    general surfer

  • How do you apply your Teruko Ikeda training in your life and work?

    Teach computer classes to high school students

  • Most memorable experience during the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training

    Visiting Malaka during my first visit while attending the third Teruko Ikeda ICT Workshop. 

  • Thoughts you’d like to share with everyone

    We should look at our group as a big family who share knowledge, ideas and skills for the betterment of everyone
    and not just a working group who have something in common.  This way, our existing friendships are maintained and new ones are continually

    being formed.