Leki Chedup

Leki Chedup

  • Date of birth

    September 23, 1978

  • Place of birth

    East Bhutan

  • Gender


  • Current location

    Khaling school, district Trashigang, east Bhutan

  • Occupation


  • Company or Organization

    Ministry of Education

  • Hobbies and interests

    Listenning to music, watching world and European football, making friends

  • Favorite TV shows

    BBC World news channel, English premiership football on ESPN

  • Favorite movies

    Shakespearean drama

  • Favorite music

    Classic Bhutanese songs

  • Favorite Books

    Short storri books

  • Favorite Websites

    Websites related to information for the disabilities

  • How do you apply your Teruko Ikeda training in your life and work?

    ICT knowledge gained during my training at Penang has enabled me to get access to news, information and knowledge by serfing internet.

  • Most memorable experience during the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training

    Mr. David’s eloquent and engaging lectures

  • Thoughts you’d like to share with everyone

    Let us explore for more ICT training opportunities for the visually impaired people so that we keep enhancing our skills.