Iyehezkiel Parudani

  • Date of birth

    November 2, 1976

  • Place of birth

    Palopo town, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

  • Gender


  • Current location

    Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

  • Occupation


  • Company or Organization

    Persatuan Tunanetra Indonesia (Pertuni) (Indonesian Blind Union)

  • Hobbies and interests

    playing football, playing guitar, singing, reading, chatting and travelling

  • Favorite TV shows

    American Idol, Indonesian Idol and Oprah Winfrey

  • Favorite movies

    Western Movies

  • Favorite music

    Slowrock, Jazz, Kroncong (Indonesian typical traditional Music), Reggae, Dangdud (Indonesian typical music), and Pop

  • Favorite Books

    text books, fiction and non fiction books

  • Favorite Websites

    Google.com, Yahoo.com, 4shared.com

  • Personal blog, website, or Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn page

    facebook.com/iyehezkiel.parudani, twitter.com/Iyehezki_Par

  • How do you apply your Teruko Ikeda training in your life and work?

    Teaching computer to some other people with blindness and visuall impairments, as well as using computer to creat reports to my office manager independently.

  • Most memorable experience during the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training

    When I and my group of the Second Teruko Ikeda ICT visited the Scuba University in Tokyo. At the time, I started learning Japanese a lot since all students and lecturers use Japanese.

  • Thoughts you’d like to share with everyone

    It is nice to be important, but it is most important to be nice.