Remembering Our Friend, Mr. Gazi Abdul Gafur

The entire Teruko Ikeda ICT Group would like to extend their deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Gazi abdul Gafur. Mr. Gazi abdul Gafur, a 2012 Teruko Ikeda trainee, passed away yesterday, August 18, 2012.

To remember Gazi, the group would like to kindly share their thoughts and memories of him, our gentle and lively friend.

From Mr. Wong Yoon Loong, one of the organizers of the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training:

Gazi have to go through the most challenges to get his travel documents to come to Malaysia as compared to his fellow trainees. Christina is indeed very glad that she managed to assist Gazi to realise his dream for his first international trip. He is a very humorous guy. He carefully selects his words when talking with his friends which have very deep meaning. Every time he speaks, the group will burst in laughter even before the sentence is completed.
We miss him a lot. May Gazi rest in peace and the good Lord take care of his family in this difficult time.

From Synthia Montolalu:

Gazi is a good, polite, and pleasant friend and. As mr. wong said, we often laugh before he completed his words. Perhaps it was because Gazi always attempted to speak in utter caution. Something I can't forget, when I asked him to copy the songs of Bangladesh for me, he gave his voice singing recording Bangladesh song which he recorded in his room. Until now I still keep the recording. And I never thought either one of us would go so fast, and I never think Gazi had such health problems.
Maybe that's why he always said "no chicken no meat". Goodbye, Gazi. We will remember you in our memory. Sympathy to his family. Rest in peace.

From Santabir Rai:

In fact, Gazi Gafur's death is a great grief to all of us as we all are being in a single entity of Teruko Ikeda ICT trainning members.
Following the heartbreaking news I am praying for his eternal peace.
By our combined prayers and appeals may God bless him.
My condolences to his grieving family.

From Nazma Ara Begum Popy:

It is very much difficult to write about the death of Gazi Abdull Gofur, our best friend. We all are very shocked by his early departure and still we cannot believe that Gofur bhai is far away from us. I’ve known him since 1999 during my university life. We did work together in the field of disability sector in Bangladesh. He was one of the good advocates in the disability movement. He had a good relationship with everyone in our community. As far as I know, in spite of financial barrier He attained an M.A from Dhaka University and he worked at The Salvation Army school as a teacher. Also, I would like to give thanks to Allah for blessing Gafur’s dream when he got the chance to attend the international ICT training in Malaysia. Oh God! He was unbelievably happy to receive this training. We spoke for long time over the phone 2 weeks before. He appreciated Mr. Wong, Christina, and everyone else.

Friends, as you may know that Bangladesh is celebrating Eidul-Fetre today. Gofur bhai always wished me well and greeted me during this event, but today. We have a good memory with Gofur bhai. As one of the best friends I have, I always pray for him, for his soul to rest in peace. We, in the future, will never ever forget Gofur Bhai and his activities.

Please visit Gazi’s profile page to learn more about this good man.

To our dear friend, Gazi, may you have eternal rest as you join our almighty Creator. You will always be in our prayers and in our memories.


Although I never had the chance to meet Mr. Gazi, I agree with Santabir that his loss is a blow to the whole Teruko Ikeda ICT group. I can only hope that his family and friends will join together to help his wife and young child through this terrible time.