Power of the Sun: An Article About Nyima Wangdue

Here is an article entitled “Power of the Sun”. It is about Nyima Wangdue, the Braille Without Borders Project manager in the Tibet autonomous region, and a 2012 Teruko Ikeda ICT Trainee.

In this inspiring article, Nyima talks about his life, the opportunities he has received, and how he managed to overcome all the trials he has encountered. He also shares his beliefs and his thoughts on the current state of blind people in society.

Beginning of the article: Nyima Wangdue is in charge of a school for the blind under the Braille Without Borders Project, in Lhasa, the Tibet autonomous region.

Although he is unable to see the world with his eyes, he has never abandoned his faith in life.

"Birds are able to fly while human beings are not, so human beings are considered 'disabled' compared to birds," says Nyima Wangdue, 26, the Braille Without Borders Project manager in the Tibet autonomous region.

"Most people are able to see while we are not, so to them, we are 'handicapped'. If you think about it, every creature has their own disabilities, but so what? What really matters is to live to the best of your abilities," he says.

In Tibetan language, Nyima means the sun, and Wangdue means having things under control or power. Like his name, Nyima is like the sunshine to a group of blind children under the Braille Without Borders Project, where he serves with love and passion.

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To Nyima, the entire Teruko Ikeda ICT Group is truly proud of you! May you continue to be a blessing and an inspiration to everyone.


Hi Nima, u r a true example of success in the community of the blind. Please keep it up.