We are a group of dynamic and passionate individuals who all have attended the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training Program. The Teruko Ikeda ICT Training Program is an annual international event held in Penang, Malaysia. Our group consists of trainees from countries in Asia and the Pacific region.

This website has been developed and maintained by no less than us, former trainees of the program. We have created this as a way to share with you the ICT-related knowledge, skills, and values we have acquired during the training. On this site, you can read about the Teruko Ikeda ICT Training Program, its aims and goals, and a bit of its history. Check out the list of trainees where you can learn about us--members of the Teruko-Ikeda-ICT group--our interests, activities, and much more. We also showcase a blog where you can read articles and updates we have written.

Through this site, we honor the individuals and groups who have made the program possible. To find out who these blessings are, visit the pages about the trainers, organizers, and sponsors of the training program.

Please send us a message to get in touch with the group, or to leave any comments and questions about the site. We'd love to hear from you!

Message from Ms. Teruko Ikeda

Ms. Teruko Ikeda

It has already been nine years since the first Teruko Ikeda ICT training program was launched in Japan. I still have fond memories of meeting the trainees and receiving expressions of gratitude, letters and gifts. Today, I am very pleased to hear that some of the past trainees are taking a lead in starting a website of this program. Please accept my sincere congratulations and best wishes for your hard work.

I have felt it is my duty to take advantage of my ancestral estate to help people and society. It is my great pleasure and honor to know that the trainees have been working hard utilizing their acquired ICT skills and contributing to empowerment of persons with visual impairments.

It is my sincere hope that every one of you will keep up your wonderful work and contribute as a leader to improve cultural life and welfare of persons with visual impairments in respective countries and the Asia-Pacific region.

I wish you continued outstanding success.

(photo by Narumi Matsuo)

Message from Mr. Tetsuji Tanaka, Chairman of the Japan Braille Library

Mr. Tetsuji Tanaka

I am very glad that a website of the Teruko Ikeda ICT training is starting with hard work of two of the Teruko Ikeda ICT trainees, Julius and Minnie.

It is an honor of the Japan Braille Library to have been able to provide many youths in Asia with ICT skills since 2004 and to know most of them are now living an independent life. I look forward to your continued activities.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Wong Yoon Loong and Ms. Christina Ann Law, coordinators of the training.